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Wealth management

Swiss Wealth Management advisors help you to create a personalised wealth management plan. With a comprehensive approach to your personal situation with thorough understanding of the current market conditions, we design plans to maximise your financial potential. Calculated investments and attention to detail gives our financial advisors leverage in building your wealth. Implementing strategic and tactical methods for asset allocation, our advisors successfully balance risk and reward with every transaction. Our consultants are additionally experienced with fund selection, where we provide long-term, superior results with detailed attention to the individual portfolio, past performance, and risk.

Concierge Services

Our consultants are experienced in offering full-service concierge services to clients of all family sizes. We help ensure your seamless day to day lifestyle through the help of third-party connections and networks to meet your desires and needs. We provide exceptionally high service and confidentiality through all our arrangements for you and your loved ones. Swiss Wealth Management offers support in managing daily tasks with private drivers from daily travel to airport transfers, personal shoppers at luxury stores, relocation assistance, and more.

Estate planning

Swiss Wealth Management highlights an essential part of defining your overall financial plan, including planning your estate. With forward thinking, we can help give you greater control of the future of your wealth with efficient strategies to pass on your legacy. We sit with you to create an inventory where you may provide information regarding yourself, your family, and assets for planning your estate. Our financial advisors take property management and allocation of your assets into account to advantageously organise your affairs. We additionally offer guidance in specifying your health care directive or creating a living trust. Swiss Wealth Management also assists in building your will, where we can discuss the different options and create an effective path for the inheritance and direction of your assets.


From finding the right cause to helping to create foundations, we find the best contribution for you. Swiss Wealth Management guides you in expressing your good intentions into impactful strategies. We sit with you to identify your philanthropic wishes through financial planning and unique strategies. We recognise the importance in contributing to meaningful causes and support our clients through every vision you may have for giving back. Your wealth is in good hands with Swiss Wealth Management, where our financial experts share a passion for finding the right charity, fund, or foundation for sharing your wealth. As we define your goals and articulate your mission, we help you create impactful investments for a broad range of organisations, trusts and more.

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