Servicing clients through a rigorous investment process, our advisors are always looking for high-return investments with superior performance measures. To fit client-specific needs, Swiss Wealth advisors use resources from all departments to craft, monitor, and select portfolios to match our client’s risk portfolio. We choose every project with due diligence and carefully measured risk assessment.

After surpassing the 5GW mark, Brazil is now leading South America’s solar power plant production. Swiss Wealth recently assisted in the investment of a solar power plant providing more than 200 MW essential for the reliable, electricity supply of a region near Rio de Janeiro. Following our support, power capabilities are expected to rise substantially in the upcoming years.

We have recently facilitated a client’s strategic partnership with a maritime shipping company in Singapore. Swiss Wealth Management sped up the upsurge in manpower and operations for a rise in production and expansion of routes. The investment enabled the expansion of 100 vessels and operation routes to reach the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, the Mediterranean, and Europe.

Recently having taken over 1000 new employees, Swiss Wealth Management partnered on behalf of a client with one of the fastest growing retail chains in the United Kingdom. Working to meet their goals in a short timeframe, our advisors aided in the investment of a significant expansion course throughout the UK with the addition of branch locations in a dozen distinguished cities.

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